Sunday, December 17, 2006

I spun my first yarn! And other projects of the day...

And I'm proud darnit!

It looks kinda like a lumpy mass of .. well wool.. lol but I'm happy that I managed to get it done! :D

I only got appx 12 yds out of 1/2 oz of roving from the kit and it's anywhere from worsted to bulky I would say... it was hard to keep it even...

I dyed it with kool-aid and I really like the color it made. But what can I knit with only 12 yds of yarn? lol

I've also won an auction for some roving from eBay and I can't wait til that comes so I can try spinning again!. :D

I also made some more melt and pour soaps today. And they actually smell good! I did some larger Chamomile bars, and then some smaller shaped ones that smell liek chocolate, pumkin pie, and orange. Yum! My brother came down and thought they were candy! lol I'll post pics as ssoon as I get them out of the molds...

I also kool aid dyed some Patons Merino wool and Lion's Brand Wool ease yarns. I wasn't sure if the wool ease would dye since it's mostly acrylic, but it did although it didn't come out as nicely as I had hoped. The paton's came out beautifully! I used red, orange and yellow, and left some of the white of the yarn show through. I can't wait til it's all dry so I can wind it into a ball and use it for something!

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