Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Spinning

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone got to enjoy a day off as much as I did! It was sooo gorgeous out... nice and warm.. and no clouds in the sky. I figured it would be a nice day to sit outside with my wheel and play with some of the new fibers from MA Sheep n Wool.

Of course, after 4 hours in the sun, with spf 30 sunscreen, I still ended up burning to a crispy red shade. Yay for being pasty. =(

I also somehow managed to get purple dye all over my hands and under my nails from the silk cap I was spinning. (I swear there wasn't even any purple in it!)

I started with the merino/cashmere from Spunky Eclectic in the mermaid colorway. I'm trying to spin it finer than i normally would. I love the bright hues of the green and blues. Not sure if I want to ply it back on itself or chain ply it. Will have to decide when I'm done.

And while I was working on that, I noticed I had a little visitor. I dub thee Charlotte. Checking out another spinner's work I see. Usually i would freak out and smush a spider. But we were outside and she wasnt' bothering me.. so I let her live. I mean, she was probably there for some inspiration right? Too bad she can't spin in such gorgeous colors.

I took a break from the merino/cashmere to try out a silk cap. It was calling to me, I swear. And look at the color difference in the sun! Yes this is the same dark colored cap I got from A Touch of Twist. (and do you see purple in there? I see blue, but no purple! I'm still trying to figure out how my hands got that color)

It was recommended to me to spin a cap from the end as opposed to peeling off layers like you would do to a hankie, so I attempted to do that. It drafted nicely but after a while I noticed no longer held a cap, I held a fluffy mas off fiber. I wondered if I was doing it correctly, but I figured I wasn't hurting anything if I wasn't and continued.

And just look at the colors that shone out! Ambers and brown and copper.. So pretty!!

While I was working on the cap, I heard voices behind me and a "what kind of animal did that come from anyways?" I peeked over my shoulder and saw both my parents in the window staring at me. "It's from a silkworm!" I replied, to which I got some confused looks. So of course I proceeded to inform my parents of how a silk cap is made. Haha. Shortly after my mother appeared in the yard wielding a disposable camera and began taking pictures. "What are you doing?" I asked. She said, "I want pictures! This is so different.. like in old times! And it looks relaxing..." I laughed at her and said "It is.. when there aren't cameras in my face!" I swear there's a spinner in her somewhere.. she looked too interested. lol

I finished spinning the cap.. it was only.. hmm.. well I'm not sure how much there was.. the label said "weight... 05" I dunno what that means? Its sitting on the bobbin waiting to be plied. I think I'm going to make a plying bracelet and ply it back on itself. I won't get much yardage out of it, but that's ok. Not sure what's going to happen to it yet either.

Now to apply more aloe to my poor shoulders and try and sleep!

MA Sheep & Wool ... part 2!

So. My day started off with work.. eh. Couldn't be helped. I didn't mind except it meant that I wouldn't be able to get to MA until 2 or 3 since it would be a 2 hour drive. I was hoping that Jenny and Deb would still be there by the time I got there, but I wasn't sure since I knew they would be there since early that morning.

I left with minimal directions and was hopign that I wouldn't get lost on the way. I passed at least two craft stores, several yarn shops, antique shops, and places that boasted maple syrup products. I wanted to stop sooo bad! Anyways. I didn't get lost and I got there areound 2:30. I couldn't get ahold of Jenny due to there being NO CELL SERVICE. Ugh. I wandered around for a while just taking in the sights, also trying to see if I knew anyone by chance. I watched a guy shear two lambs (boy did they seem pissed!) and I browsed all the vendor booths in and out of the barns. I think I walked around at LEAST 3 times before I purchased anything.

( I did get a decent amount of fibery goodness! Look!!!)

My first purchase of the day? 4 silk hankies and a silk cap from A Touch of Twist. Sooo pretty. I have been dying to buy more silk hankies since they are so much fun to spin and I love the shininess of the silk combined with the nubs. And I've been wanting to try silk caps and see what the difference is like.

Next I wandered over to Spinner's Hill and drooled (not literally) over all her gorgeous fibers, but I managed to walk away with only one silk cap in lovely red, oranges and pinks. Reminds me of a sunset. :)

Wandered around some more, ogled the baby angora bunnies (one day when I am better able to take care of such sweet animals, I will get one!) and bumped into Kim at the Enchanted Knoll booth. I wanted to buy waaaay more than I did, and I will be sure to procure more fiber from her in the future. I did purchase some tussah silk and a very lovely batt that was a sw merino/silk/cashmere/angelina mix. I can't wait to try the silk.

Wandered around some more with Kim and we bumped into AGuyThatKnitsinCT and then bumped into Jenny and Deb! Finally! I was so excited to see that I hadn't missed them! They went to browse something else int eh barn and I ran up to Spunky Eclectic to see if I could catch her before she closed. And I made it! Just in time to buy some SW Corriedale in two gorgeous colorways, a merino/cashmere blend in the Mermaid colorway, and a merino/tencel mix in the Black Cherries colorway. I was thrilled to meet Amy and to be able to purchase yet more fiber that I havent' tried yet.

We all left soon after Kim, Jenny, Deb and I stopped by a quaint little restaurant to get our grub on. We were all STARVING seeing as none of us had really eaten that day. Out waitress was uber funny and nice and the food was amazingly delicious and well priced. We're totally going to have to make a little tradition of that and get more people to come!

The car ride home was completely uneventful although I was sooo tired my vision was stating to go blurry.. lol I can't wait to go again next year. And to Rhinebeck this fall! <3

Sunday, May 25, 2008

MA Sheep & Wool... Part 1

Just a quick post.. Look I haven't fallen off the earth!

Went to MA Sheep & Wool yesterday.. it was my first fiber festival experience! It was sooo much fun and I bought lots of lovely stash enhancing fibery things.. (which I am about to go take photos of).

I will post in more detail a little later.. Just wanted to sneak that in because I am still uber excited that I got to go! lol

Pics and details coming in a bit!