Tuesday, April 24, 2007

self inflicted eye injuries.. what?

I've come to the conclusion that if I were to post things other than crafty goodness in this blog, I might remember it more often and be more inclined to post and keep it up.

Perhaps I shall.

Either way, since I was a complete, and I repeat COMPLETE moron the other morning, I feel that I should post it, if not for any other reason than to entertain someone else out there in internet land.


Let's keep it simple for a second, shall we?
I got hydrogen peroxide in my eye. Ohhh. fun. NOT.

Longer story:
And just how exactly did I manage to accomplish this crazy feat? Well, I kinda put it there myself. Wait, what? It's actually the solution I have for my contacts, If you put it in a specual container, it turns to saline after 6 hours. But straight from the bottle? Hydrogen peroxide. I have that and also a plain saline solution to use when Iwant to rinse my lenses before I put them in. So what did I do? Rinse my damn lens with the peroxide solution and I PUT IT IN MY EYE. And it burned. Like hell.

I shrieked and screamed and finally managed to rip off my lens, whix I threw on the counter somewhere and then what did I do? Grabbed the same damn bottle and tried to flush my eye with it! Yes. I am officially a moron. Of course I started shrieking again, actually looked at the damn bottle and smacked myself for realizing FINALLY what I did. And then I flushed it with water and regular saline. But seriously. Complete dumbass.

My eye is completely fine except it's a bit red. Fortunately I work at an eyecare so I knew what to do.. kinda. One of the doctors looked at it and said I was fine.

Note to self: ALWAYS put the bright red cap back on the damn solution.

Oy vey.

It's bad enough I have a tendency to obtain craft related injuries.. but this? Takes the cake.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Recent plushie goodness

Huh.. forgot to post these earlier.. of course.

I made this Domo plushie for my friend Vinny... I was supposed to have made it.. last year? Whatever. It got made! XD
chillin in my bathroom...

hangin in Vinny's van.. go Domo go!

Bad Domo! Leave Takarra alone!

And I made this ninja plushie for someone else.. they showed me a link to one of these guys on thinkgeek.com and asked if I could make one of rthem.. so out of the godness of my heart (and caus eI was fairly bored) I did.
mmm.. ninja....

Newbie Swap goodies


I am a lazy lazy slug. XD It's been almost a month since I last posted.. my swap that I was waiting on to post goodies is long over.. and I've gone on vacation and been back for over a week already. Well.. I guess it's time to update. :D

First off.. the newbie swap. I recieved the most fabulous goodies from my swap partner, Summer. Each item was well crafted and the details were amazing. And as a bonus, the whole package was pirate themed!

The first item was a felted eyeglass case, the most gorgeous red (I adore red) and has an eyepatch made from felt sewn on, and a skull and crossbones embroidered onto the eyepatch! And she even ebroidered my initials on the back, so ha! No one can steal it on me... Definitely the coolest eyeglass case I've ever owned. :D

Next, I discovered a knitting needle roll! Which I've been dying to have. And the funniest thing is that she made it from a pattern I had been eyeing recently.. and she never even knew! It's like craft ESP or something.. lol The needle roll was also felted and in that same gorgeous red, with cables on the inside to hold the needles, and a pocket on the inside to hold notions. She also made some fab shrinky dink buttons. Andsee that little Captain Jack Sparrow button? She used a drawing I did from my deviantart to make it! How cool is that? I of course immediately hunted down as many of my stray needles as I could find and stuffed them in there. They look very cosy in their piratey roll.

And last, (but not least!) she made (MADE!) a swap journal! And the entire thing is pirate themed! She embroidered a map on the cover and it's awesome. I was stunned at the embroidering and I think I stared at it for a ful 10 mins or so before I even dared to open it to check ou tthe inside. And inside! The most detailed pages ever. I love it. I'm so excited that I now have a book to record future swaps in. :D

And.. as for what I sent her.. I of course, was nervous that it wouldn't be good.. or that she wouldn't like anything. Silly me. She said she loved everything. :D I sent her two calorimetrys, one obviously Ravenclaw themed, one wannabe Ravenclaw (it has Ravenclaw-ish colors), a little felt owl stuffie, a tree of life pendant, some orange shell soaps, and some flower hair barrettes.

It was a fun swap. And I'm hoping that Summer and I can do a personal swap sometime. She's an amazing person, and I'm glad to have met her. :D

I've gone and signed up for two more swaps, and I volunteered to swap angel for someome, so I have a ton of crafting to do within the next few weeks. hehee This'll be fun. I can't wait to be creative. XD

I went to Arizona with the bf for vacation. We stayed with his aunt and uncle and it was awesome. I despise CT and it's cold winters and humid summers.. and AZ is so fabulous, I'd love to move there one day. We went around Scottsdale and Phoenix and did a number of things.. I won't bore anyone with details. I'm dying to go back, especially since it's rainy and chilly here.