Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm still here!

Really now. I come visit my blog every couple of days so I use the links to toher people's blogs to read theirs.. but can I post in my own? Apparently not.

Well, I havent' been doing all that much. Random fiber purchases, and I do have a few new handspun yans I'd like to show off.. but alas, I broke my camera. *cries* I was in the process fo cleaning a fleece I purchased at the Bethlehem Fair and the camera has a wee mishap and landed in the bucket of soapy water. O_o Awful. I love taking pictures and I spent so much on my camera.. and now I went and ruined it. I'm still mad at myself for that and it happened over a month ago!

Anyways.. not much going on here.. I missed out on the Nutmeg Spinner's Guild meeting I had wanted to attend.. to check it out and see what the deal was with that.. I went to Boston to visit my friend Ruby who moved there for school. I'm hoping to make it to the December meeting. It sounds like a lot of fun. I have to remember to save some money first though.. lol

Oh! I've been working on a halloween costume.. I decided to be a geisha this year.. I actually have a party to attend. Whee! I'm using Simplicity pattern 1080 and i have the most gorgeous brocade fabric for it.. I need the costume for this saturday and while I cut out most o the pieces, It's not sewn together yet. Better get cracking. Maybe I'll borrow my mom's camera so I can take some pics.

Uhh... I guess I don't really have anything els eI can blabber about right now. It's so much harder ot blog without pics! I hate this. :( Here's hoping I can get a new camera for xmas....