Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Again I foget to update my blog despite promising too... and despite visiting so I can view other blogs I like to read. Lazy lazy me.

I've finally caught the bug that's been going around so since I'm stuck home and feeling like crap, this seems to be a perfect opportunity to update the nothing that's been happening craft wise.. lol

I didn't even post about guild yet! omg.. I'm sooo behind. I went to my second meeting of the Nutmeg Spinner's Guild the 3 saturdays ago.. and it was soooo much fun. They did the yearly auction which was really fun to watch and participate in and I was amazed at the amount of money that was raised. I managed to score a book on crochet amigurumi which I will have to make for some random people and I also snagged as turkish spindle! I've been DYING to get one for the longest time.. they look fun and the fact that it makes a nice neat center pull ball when you're finished spinning just makes it all the more attractive. What I was bidding on was actually the turkish spindle, a heavier spindle which will probably be good for plying and a wicker shelf unit. I honestly didnt' even see the other two items, all my focus was on the turkish spindle.. which I won for only $22!! What a steal! It's beautiful and perfect and I love spinning with it. I was really confused when the person walked up and handed me a whole shelf with my spindle.. lol Talk about tunnel vision! I also nabbed more fiber from The Painted Sheep.. Kris is sooo sweet and I love her colorways... I bought her Tiger Lily BFL.. it's so bright and springy,
I can't wait to spin it up. I also nabbed some alpaca fiber to try which I am spinning on the turkish spindle and I can't believe how amazingly soft and yummy it is. i just want to snuggle in it! lol And Deb came with her new baby.. so cute! And i got to see Jenny's shiny new wheel... so pretty! I can't wait til the next meeting in April.

Since I'm on the lines of fiber.. I bought some lovely stuff from copperpot and Wooly Treasures on etsy this weekend and they all arrived today! I don't know why i keep buying all this gorgeous stuff when I dont' have the time to spin it! lol

Knitting-wise I haven't really been working on much lately.. just making some garterlac dishcloths for my new bf (who LOVES the fact that I knit and crochet!!) Other than that.. not doing too much.. I set aside the socks that i had started.. I think I'm going to frog thema nd try again.... maybe with a more interesting pattern instead of just a basic sock...we'll see.

Crochet-wise I've been workign on a pretty scarf done lengthwise.. in green, baby blue and royal blue.. striping it randomly.. I'm using a nice merino/alpaca yarn.. I don't rememeber the name of it right now.. but it's soooo soft. I have no idea what I'll do with it when I'm done either.. but it'll find a nice home somewhere.. lol

Not too much else to post about at the moment I suppose. .so I guess I'll get back to watching Project Runway!