Sunday, March 25, 2007

A FO.. finally! And some randomness...

I finished my first entrelac dishcloth! Yay. Lighting totally sucks in my room right now, so pics in the morning I suppose. And I have to locate that darn camera still.. hmmm...

I'm pretty pleased with this. And it was such a quick knit! I'm amazed I finished it within a day.. lol
I started it last night while I was out with my friends. Me and Vinny waited in the van while Takarra ran inside to change. Since the yarn and needles were in my bag (of course!) my hands were itching for something to do so out comes the yarn and away I knit. Karra's sister comes out to say hi and she peeks in.

"What the heck are you doing? She peers in and get a closer look? "Are you playing with string?!"

"Why yes, yes I am. I'm like a cat. I love string."

Somewhat confused stare. "huh?"

"I'm just kidding.. really. I'm knitting."

"Huh? Ok whatever" Gives me a funny look and trots off back into the house.

Karra comes out a few mins later and gets back in the vehicle. She looks over at me. "Oh geez. Are you knitting?"

"Yes ma'am I am"

"Whatcha makin'?"

"A dishcloth"

Pause... "Why?"

"Well.. I dunno.. Why not?"

"Well, why would you make a dishcloth? You can't use it!"

"uh.. why?"

"Duh. It'll get all dirty and gross if you wash dishes with it! Then you'll have to throw it away in a couple of months."

"So what? I'll make another one."

"But that's a waste!"

"No it's not. That's it's purpose! It's SUPPOSED to get used. You wouldn't knit a sweater just to let it hang in the closet and not get worn, would you? Well, I wouln''t knit a dishcloth just to stare at it."

Pause. "Riiiight"

I think I just need to teach her to knit. Or I just need some craftin' knittin' firends... then they wouldn't look at me like I was crazy.. lol Or maybe they would, I dunno. I am a little weird at times. XD


So.. not much going on I suppose. Although I'm guessing I've been forgetting to post again. Silly me.

I have recieved from my super awesome partner Summer for the Newbie Swap on craftster! But no pics yet! Iwant to wait til she recieves my package so I put everything in one big super fantastic happy post. :D

I've been working on smallish projects.. stared some entrelac dishcloths to introduce myself to the lovely world of entrelac. And I've started crocheting the triangle motif purse from Easy Crochet magazine.. I'll post pics eventually. Got to figure out where the camera went frirst. Darn camera. Always wandering off when I want it.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

DDR and swap progress

So after playing DDR at the arcade last night, I've come to the conclusion that not only do I need to a) get in shape, and b) practice a heck of a lot more, but also c) I really need to make a DDR quilt! Wouldn't that be awesome? I think so. :) I must go find my pad of graph paper and map this thing out. And then get properly motivated to sew it. lol I still owe the bf a quilt that I uh.. havent' worked on in at least a year or two.. >_<>

Well, I'm appx halfway through with project numbah one for the newbie swap on craftster.. and hopefully I can finish it tonight.. .I have all the materials set up for the second project, but I have to do it in the garage so I don't die from the E6000 glue fumes... XD

Well.. not much else to update on... no FO's at the time being.. and I can't post project shots.. hopefully soon!