Tuesday, April 24, 2007

self inflicted eye injuries.. what?

I've come to the conclusion that if I were to post things other than crafty goodness in this blog, I might remember it more often and be more inclined to post and keep it up.

Perhaps I shall.

Either way, since I was a complete, and I repeat COMPLETE moron the other morning, I feel that I should post it, if not for any other reason than to entertain someone else out there in internet land.


Let's keep it simple for a second, shall we?
I got hydrogen peroxide in my eye. Ohhh. fun. NOT.

Longer story:
And just how exactly did I manage to accomplish this crazy feat? Well, I kinda put it there myself. Wait, what? It's actually the solution I have for my contacts, If you put it in a specual container, it turns to saline after 6 hours. But straight from the bottle? Hydrogen peroxide. I have that and also a plain saline solution to use when Iwant to rinse my lenses before I put them in. So what did I do? Rinse my damn lens with the peroxide solution and I PUT IT IN MY EYE. And it burned. Like hell.

I shrieked and screamed and finally managed to rip off my lens, whix I threw on the counter somewhere and then what did I do? Grabbed the same damn bottle and tried to flush my eye with it! Yes. I am officially a moron. Of course I started shrieking again, actually looked at the damn bottle and smacked myself for realizing FINALLY what I did. And then I flushed it with water and regular saline. But seriously. Complete dumbass.

My eye is completely fine except it's a bit red. Fortunately I work at an eyecare so I knew what to do.. kinda. One of the doctors looked at it and said I was fine.

Note to self: ALWAYS put the bright red cap back on the damn solution.

Oy vey.

It's bad enough I have a tendency to obtain craft related injuries.. but this? Takes the cake.

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OfTroy said...


i was startled one when brushing my teeth, and ended up putting my toothbrush in my eye. (thank god in those days, i used a manual brush!)

i didn't damage my eye seriously, but the tooth paste as irriatating enough that i was uncomfortable for hours..

hope you feel better tomorrow!