Saturday, July 28, 2007

First wheel spun yarns

I had so much fun trying to figure out my wheel.. I can't wait to tackle the rest of my roving. :D

I decided to use of the rest of the green roving I got from mainewoods yarn on etsy and spun up a bobbin full of that. I also spun up a bit of the white roving that came with my wheel and plied it with some of the green. The rest, I wound into a center pull ball and plied on itself. I was doing pretty well with the ball.. but maybe 3/4 of the way through, it tangled so badly I got frustrated and stopped where I was. I still have the rest of the ball sitting in a bin with my rovings.. eventually when I'm no longer mad at it (is it normal to be mad at a ball of wool?) I'll attempt to untangle it and see if I can do something with the rest of it.

Here's yarn #1... Starlight Mint. Appx 68 yds, 10 wpi.. worsted weight. green-100% wool white-80% wool, 20% mohair

and yarn #2... Frog's Breath. Appx 130 yds, 12 wpi... DK weight. 100% wool.

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