Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Spun batt...

I was so excited to recieve those uber pretty batts from stickyfingers on etsy, that I couldn't resist spinning at least one of them. :D

I started with the white one and spun up a little more than half of it. I was aiming for a thick and thin single... and while I didn't achieve what I had set out to do, I'm still happy with it.

It's slightly thick and thin, appx 36 yds and super squishy and soft! XDI seem to have truble spinnig thick singles for some reason... *sigh* I'll get it eventually...

Well.. anyways.. check ou the squishy goodness! :D

I also finished spinnin gup the silk hankies.. and I wound up with 64 yds! (I know that's not a lot of yardage.. but it's an accomplishment for me!) It's currently sitting on the noddy, and I'll set the twist later tonight. :D Pictures soon!

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