Wednesday, July 18, 2007

ConnectiCon.. more spinning.. and more swap goodies.

So I went to ConnectiCon this past weekend.. and I had a blast. For those of you who have no clue as to what ConnectiCon is.. it's an anime/sci fi convention that's held in CT yearly.. and it's been going on for about 5 years now I believe. This is the third year I've gone and like always, it's a lot of fun. I was fortunate enough to meet some spinners and a dollmaker! And the kicker was that I had already "met" two of them on devianart a few months ago. Too cool. Anyways, not only did I get to watch D and J spin, J brought her spinning wheel on sunday and I was fascinated with it. Of course that just made me want to buy a wheel even more.. I may convince my brother to lend me the money instead of trying to save up. teehee. Anyways, J also informed me of the spinning guild that exists in CT and gave me info on the meetings and such. I'm totally going in October when the next meeting occurs. I can't wait. It's so amazing to meet people IRL that share my interests. The closest I have right now is two people at work, and all they do is crochet. Knitting is so far out f the box for them, and when I mentioned spinning, they looked at me like I had a cow growing ou tof the side of my head. I had always though crafters in general we more open to hearing about and trying new things.. guess I was wrong.

Anyways.. I bought some gorgeous handspun yarn from J, beautiful greens, blue and purples plied with black. I'm currently knitting a Calorimetry with it. I can't wait for it to be cold, (did I just say that?! ME who HATES the cold and snow?!) so I can wear it. It's looking super spiffy so far. :D

I had forgotten to take my silk hankies that i had spun off the niddy noddy before I left for the weekend. Oh well. I set the twist (blocked it, whatever) when I came home sunday. I loooove it. I only got about 64 yds.. and I really want to keep this for myself. I just don't know what I can knit with 64 yds.. no pics yet.. there hasn't been good sunlight and the pics I took inside look awful. Trust me when I say that it's soft and shiny and pretty. :)

I've also been spinning up the black and green batt I purchased from stickyfingers and I think it's coming out nicely. I'm aiming for thin. And it's spinning up pretty darn fine. I'm just hoping I don't make a tangle mess of it when I try to ply it. I'm about halfway done with the batt so far (it was tiny, only about an ounce) and I think I'll be able to get all of it on the spindle. *crosses fingers*

And I've recieved another square for the Knit/Crochet Blanket Swap.. this one is from chibie elphie. So pretty!

And I've also recieved from superhooker for the Knit/Crochet Goodie Bag Swap.. still havent' had a chance to send yet.. I really need time to get to the PO. I adore everything. She really spoiled me.

Knitted beach bag from my wists, a cute mini journal/sketchbook, and two containers of body butter.

Three skeins of sock yarn, two sets of dpns, a cute metal tin to keep the dpns in, and a sheepie tape measure.

Sponge capsules that grow in water, a cute binder to keep patterns in, a beginners sock pattern, and Stephanie Pearl McPhee Casts Off!

AND I recieved from WYOKrista for the Heroes Swap. Another fabulous package. I'm trying to get all my projects done for monday's send date.

What's this? Breakfast?

Nope.. it's Heroes swag! ^^ Punch embroidered hat with heroes symbol, and a Hiro t shirt.

Denim purse.

Awesome magnets.

Notecards. (I really don't want to use these.. they're just too cool!)

and here's some links to closeups of the notecards...







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