Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Second blanket square recieved!

First of all.. Happy Furth of July everyone! :D
and now on to other things...

My second square came in the mail the other day.. from DisneyFan.

She was my swap partner from the Pirates of the Caribbean swap and remembered my love of all things skully.. so check out the square she crocheted for me!

It's uber soft and I looooove the skully in the center. And the two blues she picked out are pretty.

I'm currently working on my next set of squares to send out.. and hopefully I'll be done in time to ship them out on friday. I was planning on spending most of today crafting for these fabulous swaps I've signed up for.. but failed that miserably. And I was going to try and make an apple cake this morning. Scratch that. I woke up with the most awful headache and I couldn't even move without my brain pounding against my retinas for a few hours. I sat there with a heating pad on my neck and an icy cold bottle of water on my head for the better part of the morning until it went away. There went a few precious crafting hours right out the window.

And then the bf called wanting to go to lunch. Who am I to say no? So away to lunch it was.. and then I proceded to drag him to JoAnn's so I could buy fabric. I only spend $25 which is like.. AMAZING. But that was inly because of the male influence that came along.. lol

Anyway.. the fabric os for another project I have to get done sometime this weekend. My friend Bryan decided to make the world's greatest beer pong table.. and I want to make a bag to keep it in so it'll be protected while it's in storage or transit. Not something to carry it in, because it's damned heavy and has a handle of it's own.. just something to cushion it a bit. And I want to add pockets for towel and the ping pong balls... We'll see if I can manage to whip something up.

I'll have to post pics of the table at some point... it's absolutely gorgeous and I can't believe the craftsmanship that went into it. Well.. I can.. but I'm still in awe every time I see it.

I'm annoyed that I couldn't find fabric in the right color blue though for the bag.. *sigh* Black will have to do...

And while I should be wandering my way to bed soonish, seeing as I have work in the morning, and I have a feeling it's going to be abother stressful day like yesterday was, I think I'm going to go crochet a little more and see if I can't finish up that square.

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