Sunday, July 08, 2007

PVC fun

I convinced the bf that going to Home Depot so I could get some PVC pipe today was a good idea. Of course, he wanted to know what I wanted it for.. and when I tried to explain what a niddy noddy was, he looked at me in that "I have no idea what you're talking about and you're really weird" kind of way. Then I explained that I HAD to have one and if I purchased one of fthe net, it was going to cost me $40-$50. Apparent;y it doesn't cost that much.. but I wanted a cheap one durnit!

And he was gracious enough to cut the pipe for me too, :D I may be crafty, but I am most definitely not handy. So, me using a saw.. out of the question. I have trouble even wielding a hammer correctly.. although if I really have to, I can.

Anyways.. here is my lovely new PVC niddy noddy (so I don't have to wind skeins onto a chair or my feet anymore!). And it only cost me $4! And I still have some pipe left over. :D

And I think one of the things I like the best about it (aside from the cost) is that I can take it apart for storage. :D Sweet. I may make a simple drawstring bag to keep it in.. hmmmm

I also decided to spin up the rest of the silk hankies I purchased from drivebyknitting on etsy.. and I'm about halfway through them. Drafting the silk hankies really hurts my left index finger after a while, so I gave up for the time being.

I drafted one thin hankie layer at a time, and I spun it as I went along.. mainly because I get bored doing nothing but drafting. Usually I wouldn't do such a thing as spin while the bf is over, but he was playing Guitar Hero 2 so it was ok.

I absolutely LOVE the way these hankies are looking all spun up.. and the colors are GOREGOUS. And it's shiny. God, how I love shiny. XD

And I see that my benedryl is kicking in and I'm starting to get that "dizzy, I should lie down and go to sleep" sort of feeling.. so I suppose I should give in and just go to bed. Although the spindle is calling to me... maybe just a little more.. XD

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