Monday, August 06, 2007

Yarn Harlot!

Man I am really bad at keeping this thing updated...

Anyways.. earlier last week or so, Jenny told me that Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka the Yarn Harlot , was going to be at RJ Julia's bookstore in Madison for a signing. And did I want to go?

Of course! And I had just gotten her newest book in a swap recently.. so yay! Unfortunately, I failed to find it befor eI left my house friday evening, so I didn't have it readily avaiable to get it signed.. oh well. I got my mapquest directions and managed to find my way down to MAdison without getiing lost.

And I looked for Jenny when I got there but couldn't find her so I sat in a random avaiable seat and watched all the people around me knitting away. Which reminded me that I hadn't thought to bring any of my knitting with me. I was amazed though.. I had never seen that many knitters in the same room before. It was neat.

And it was rather exciting for me to actually be able to sit there and hear an author speak. Stephanie is very funny and witty and had lots of great stories... and some stories that made me want to hit people.. but it was a really fun evening. When she finished speaking and everyone got up t get in line for the signing, I saw Jenny and her hubby Matt across the room and went over to meet them. And I got to meet some of her friends.. and new people! I love meeting new people.. especially when they actually have similar interests.. lol

We hung around at the back of the line so that we could hopefully aske Stephanie to take her pictue with us.. and she did! Not only did she take a picture with us, she also came out to eat with is at a little pizza place down the street. Way cool. She's just a really awesome and funny person and I'm really glad we got to hang out with her for a bit. It pretty much made up for not getting my book signed. Hee.

Everyone pretty much filtered out and went home after we ate.. and I made it home around 11:30.. and what was the first thing I noticed when I went into my room? The book I had been searching for. Gnomes. I swear I have gnomes.....

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