Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dyeing Fun

Of course I forgot to post the pictures of all the lovely roving I dyed the other day... I had so much fun! :D

Most of it was dyed with kool-aid.. the rest was wiltons icing dyes and food coloring. Most of the roving was the superwash/nylon mill ends from the Sheep Shed, and the brown mill ends from the Sheep Shed. I also overdyed my hibiscus roving from Spunky Eclectic, and some black and white mill ends from ebay. I have no idea at this point how much I actually did that day.. but it sure was a lot!

I've never done a batch that big before.. and I wasn't sure what to expect from some of the rovings.. I was just keeping my fingers crossed that I wouldn't somehow felt some of it.. lol Some of the superwash kind of got stringy and fell apart.. I'll be keeping and spinning that up. And I'll be keeping some of the colors that I just love.. but the rest will probably be put up on my etsy. I do need a way to fund my fiber addiciton! XD

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