Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Roving orders.. and another finished yarn


I placed an order with the Sheep Shed today! ^^

1 lb of superwash/nylon sock roving and 1 lb of their brown tones rovings. All the roving are Brown Sheep Mill Ends.. I can't wait til it gets here. :D I'm a little nervous to see how much 2 lbs is though... when i order 4 oz it seems like a lot! lol

The sock stuff is all white though so I get to try dyeing. :D Squee. And depending on what the brown and white stuff looks like, I might dye some of that too...

ohhh.. I forgot to post.. here's the lovely rovings I got from Abby's Yarns... so soft and gorgeous! I've already started spinning the yellow and I looove the way it's looking. :D

Yellow - Lemon Spice 100% merino 2.7 oz

Green/Pink - Roses 100% merino 3 oz

Red/Purple - Raspberry 100% domestic wool 4 oz

I also spun up half of the Poison roving from Spunky Eclectic.. and I'll admit I was a bit disappointed with it. Not with the way it was spun.. but still with the colors..

I can't help it.. I ordered it expecting something bright blue and bright green.. and got something that was bright green, a weird purple, and a whole lot of white. *sigh* It is a pretty colorway.. but because it's not what I wanted, I don't like it. I thought that maybe whe I spun it up, I would like it more.. but I don't. Oh well.

GloStick 135 yds 12 wpi 2 ply

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sarah said...

That is some gorgeous roving! Enjoy your Sheep Shed order, their wool is always really nice!