Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Random updates.

Well.. I need to post more often! I'm on the stinkin computer every day, so I really have no excuse!

I signed up for the Newbie Craft Swap on Craftster. I'm so excited! My parter seems awesome and I've already started on my first craft for her. :) But no previews! I won't post or give away anything I've made until she's recieved her package. :)

I have been doing some more spinning although not much.. I did a couple of practice mini skeins and another navajo ply.. I'll get pics soon.
Hmm.. what else? I STILL havent' picked up my Sahara t continue on it yet.. and I've been playing with Sugar n Cream cotton yarn lately trying to make dishcloths.. why? I have no idea!

Eep. I have to rescue the fluffy kitty from a box now.. lol Don't ask how he got stuck in there, I dont even know!

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