Monday, June 30, 2008


God I'm slow at posting to this thing. -_-

Soo... I got to go to Webs on tuesday!!! It was completely amazing. We had an overall fun day but webs was definitely the highlight for me. We walked in and I was like ouuu ok.. yarn store. Nice.. big.. lots of stuff to look at. And then. they took me to the BACK ROOM. The warehouse with boxes upon boxes of fibery goodness. I stopped in the doorway and stared. I had heard about it.. but hearing is one thing and seeing is quite another. Totally overwhelming and utterly fascinating. I wandered around for a while, wishing I had had a larger budget for the day. I'll be saving for my next trip! I purchased one skein of Great Adirondak sock yarn in a gorgeous mostly black with splashes of green purple and blue colorway, and one set of bamboo dpns. I am coveting the Misti Alpaca laceweight I saw and the beautiful shawl they had on display. Something for me to look forward to buying on my next trip.

My goal was to get sock yarn and learn how to knit socks. I see hand knitted socks online and irl and I WANT TO BE A SOCK KNITTER. Hand knitted socks are so pretty and there are so many patterns! DivineBird was patient enough to show me how to start a sock and explain what I needed to do. Dpns aren't as difficult as I thought.. I think it's the bamboo.. less slippery. I've been working on my sock every day and I am now done with the cuff, past the heel, and past the decreases! Just another inch and I think I can staet decreasing for the toe. I'm insanely excited and I want to finish before thursday's SnB so i can show it off. :)

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