Thursday, June 05, 2008


Going to Bradford, Maine this weekend with one of my best friends and a whole bunch of other friends. I haven't been camping since I was like 8 so I don't know how I'll fare.. lol I'm convinced I'm going to be completely unprepared. I like the woods and I like hiking and outdoors kinds of things.. but camping? Where there are no toilets or showers?? What's a girl to do? He's been my friend since third grade, so I couldn't say no. I tried and it didn't work.. lol I have been coerced into joining everyone for fun in the woods. Hopefully I won't be eaten by a bear. Or a moose. Or something of a fierce and angry nature. At least I can bring my knitting and get something done. Maybe with some shiny yarn so if anything chases me I can throw it and distract them. Ha!

Wish me luck!

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