Sunday, January 10, 2010

WiP's for the Week

I really haven't done much in the past week.... no spinning or weaving. Some knitting and a little crocheting. I did get to see pretty sky at work though. :)

Last January, I signed up for the 2009 Crochet Block a Month Crochet-a-long on Ravelry. I promptly forgot and continually procrastinated when I did remember. I finally started on the blocks in December! Eek. I have managed however, to catch up slightly and am halfway through the Ravelry 12" blocks. I am only going to do the 12 blocks and make a lapghan... using Vanna's Choice yarn. I'll probably give it away.. not sure yet. The blocks are easy so far and fun to do... I'm going to make sure I keep up with the 2010 CAL. :)

2009 Blocks so far:

January (Mandala)

February (Two Tone)

March (Winter's Dream)

April (Waldo's Puzzle)

May (Hint of Spring)

June (Frilly Flower)

I also cast on for the Favorite Cardigan from Wendy Bernard's Custom Knits book. I love this book and want to make almost every garment in it.

I have also been working on Multnomah. I am 7 or 8 feather and fan repeats in.. and I am actually kind of bored with it. I've never done feather and fan before.. I chose this pattern because it looked like a nice simple lace shawl/scarflette pattern. And it is. A little too simple though. I'm going to keep plugging away bit by bit until it's done. There's not that much left to that ball of yarn, right?

Haven't done much else this week other than work... but I can leave you with sleepy kitties!


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