Sunday, January 17, 2010

Winter Blues

Kinda.. but not really. ;)

I really really dislike the cold. Thankfully I have the fiber arts to keep me entertained and warm!

Two more squares for the 2009 blanket are done.

July (Bright and Cheery)

August (Aran Square)

And I did the first square for the 2010 blanket. I'm using Vanna's Choice again for this blanket, but only two colors: dusty blue and chocolate.

January: Ravelry 12" (E-zee V-zee Granny Square)

Also got a little bit of spinning in this weekend. I've been working on this yummy batt from Xtreme Spinning called Chocolate Kisses. It's being spun on the Bird's Eye Maple Bosworth I got at Rhinebeck this past year.

And a close-up.

That's it for the week.. not much, but at least I'm getting some stuff done!

Now, to go back to watching The Office, and hoping that it doesn't snow as much as the weather channel said it would. But of course, random kitty pic first. ;D


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