Monday, March 31, 2008

It's April Fool's!

Which means...

Happy Birthday to me! ((and no I'm not joking.. lol))

I got a shiny new Blackberry Curve in RED from my parents.. and my mom made me a delicious looking funfetti cake. Yum. Can't wait to dig in. Guess 26 isn't so bad.. lol

Going to see Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin and Seether tomorrow.. possibly going to the club on thursday, and best of all.. guild on saturday! I will have to treat myself to some yummy fibery goodness. Hee.

To everyone:
enjoy the day as much as I hope to and I'll cross my fingers you don't get pranked!

if you have any great ideas for a prank for my boss, that'd be nice of you to share. lol


stickyfingers said...

Happy Birthday. 26 is grand 27 starts to get tedious so you got another year!

Tezcatlipoca98 said...

HEY!! Happy Belated Birthday!!! See you tomorow @ Guild!!!