Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekly progress...

My Gram passed away last Sunday night.. I found out about it on monday (thanks dad, for letting me know while I was DRIVING). I've been sad about it, but she was 92, and had a great life. At least she isn't suffering in the nursing home anymore.
Gram, you will be missed. <3

The funeral was in New Jersey, which meant a 3 hr drive there and back. Gave me plenty of time to work on my Mrs. Darcy Cardi. It's knitting up really quickly and I think I'm really going to be happy with it when it's done. I'm not too thrilled with the pattern itself. It's rather poorly written in my opinion... more like guidelines to what the author did for herself. There's no sizing options, and half the time I have no idea if I should be on the front or back of the thing. I'm pretty sure I did the buttonholes on the wrong side, and I don't think I did the last row of the back correctly. I may rip it out and redo just that last row and bind off. Eh. I'm fudging it and OMG I DID MATH and SWATCHES to make sure it would fit.

And just because I feel the need to say it again.. MALABRIGO TWIST IS AMAZING.

Last Sunday I planted seeds....
Some of my plants have sprouted!

Here's some cute lil tomato seedlings, they're so teeny!

And most of the soybeans have sprouted. Some of them were getting too tall to be in the little greenhouse container, so I replanted them in peat pots. I'm thinking I'm going to have to give some away once they're larger, since I doubt I need that many plants. :) Anyone want some soybeans?



Laura Westby said...

Jenn- So sorry about your Grandma! Did you know last night and I missed it somehow? I'll be thinking about you.

Elizabeth Lafferty said...

Hey Jen -

I have a whole garbage bag full of Red Heart in various colors and sizes - do you want it? Otherwise, in the dumpster it goes. Hope you're still enjoying the spinning wheel.