Sunday, February 07, 2010

Webs, Guild, and general yarny goodness...

I finished the Quickie Socks. They're squooshy and delightful and I am IN LOVE with them.

Fastest. Socks. Ever.

I also went to Webs on Friday. I *tried* not to spend too much money since I knew guild was Sat., but I couldn't come home empty handed!

I was apparently in a blue mood.. lol The' Zenith is destined for the Beaumont Tam by Jared Flood (which I cast on today). The Malabrigo lace (YUM!) will be a Geodesic Cardi. I think I'll probably end up needing 3 skeins though. Oops. I see another Webs trip! The Arucania is destined to be the Baroness Beret. And the Madeline Tosh was bought just cause it was pretty. I'll find something awesome to make with that. ;)

I also nabbed a stick shuttle for the Cricket loom since I seem to have misplaced one... and a roll of blue highlighter tape for when I start the Aeolian shawl again.

I also found these adorable magnets at the register and they *had* to come home with me.

Guild was Sat. This month was the bi-annual auction and potluck, which is a ton of fun. Last auction I managed to snag a Turkish spindle and a crochet amigurumi book. This year I was lucky enough to nab cotton carders and some Manos wool. :D

I haven't actually spun cotton yet.. but the carders should be good for all the angora fiber I've been collecting.

I also recieved the silkworm cocoons from the silk reeling workshop I went to in Dec.

I visited the Painted Sheep table where Kris tempted me with her lovely wares.. and got a skein of sock yarn in pretty blues, and an alpaca/merino/silk blend worsted yarn which will be another pair of squooshy socks for me.

And then I hit up the Extreme Spinning table and oogled the sparkly batts. Of course I was unable to resist their siren song.

I also bought all of the silk hankies she had left.. about 3.2 oz I think. Me and silk don't get along yet.. but silk hankies I can manage. And I like the shiny yet nubby texture you get with them.

I definitely enjoyed my weekend thoroughly. This coming Friday I have the Ravelympics kickoff party to look forward to... yay!

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