Friday, October 13, 2006

Felted coasters attempt #1

I posted my armwarmers on craftster and someone showed me the felted coaster they had made with Patons SWS. So of course I wanted to try it out. :D

She knitted hers in the round on dpns.. I have never used dpns before.. but I can crochet innstead, right?

Attempt #1

Made a small granny square thinking it might felt enough to hide the holes nd make a square coaster...
not too bad, right?

ok. on to felting!
I decided to just try hand felting it in the sink for a bit.. I don't have any laundry to do yet and why waste a whole washer on one tiny thing, right? Played with it in the sink for maybe 15 mons with hot water and dish soap.

Wow. What happened? lol
It looks like a lumpy mess of wool.. XD
It actually looks lumpier in the picture than in real life.. but it's the perfect size for a coke can! So I'll keep it as a reminder of what not to do next time.

ok.. attempt #1. Failed.

Attempt #2?
I guess I'll try and make a circle and see if that works. *crosses fingers*

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