Monday, January 28, 2008

Welcome to 2008

I am a little late.. but hurrah! 2008 is here! I'm hoping (and I say this yet again) to keep up with this poor, sad, neglected blog and actually post once in a while. One of my goals for the year is to post here at least once a week. Starting now, since I obviously already missed out on most of January. *sigh*

I am also hoping to actually finish some of my current projects and attempt to have less WIP's and UFO's lying about. Of course, I have to locate a good many of them and decide of they need to be frogged or if I should continue on with them. I also want to make mroe of an attempt to attend SnB on thursday nights.. or if the Cheshire one changesto a different night.. whenever that is. I've also FINALLY attended the Nutmeg Spinners Guild meeting.. I went in December and I had a blast. I spent more money than I should have.. and I defintiely wish I could have bought more. I'm still coveting those gorgeous turkish spindles.

Spinning is another thing I want to work on more in 2008. Not only learning new techniques, and improving my overall spinning, but I also want to try and spin more.. get in a few nights a week instead of once every week or so. I can't improve if I don't do it after all.. and there's lots of fiber hanging out in my closet just beggin to be spun. :)

No pics or anything interesting right now.. but I will ty my best to keep up here and actually update once a week minimum. After all, I do have plenty of time to do it! lol

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Joan said...

I am a spinning failure. Left a beginner class in defeat. LOL. Hope some day to figure it all out. Get back to yours!! ;-}

PS: I am the new admin of the New England Knits webring & after housecleaning it, you should now be able to cruise thru it easily. ;-} LMK if you run into any problems.